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Love what you see at Stampede66Restaurant? Us too. And you guessed it – so do thousands of readers who visit our website every month.

And what does that mean for you? A great opportunity to advertise your brand, product, or website to an audience that already speaks your language. That’s hard to beat, isn’t it?

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We offer two types of advertising options:

1. Sponsored Posts

Getting sponsored posts is an effective way to reach your target audience without being overly promotional. If you opt for this, our team will manage the writing process and try to figure out the best possible way to promote your brand/product while providing value to readers.

Type of sponsored posts can be brand or product review, sharing experiences, writing about features, or an informative article that recommends your brand to readers as a solution.

You can also submit your own articles and we’d love to publish them as long as the quality is maintained.

To discuss sponsored post opportunities and prices, contact me at with the subject line “Sponsored Post – Stampede66Restaurant

If you want to submit a paid guest post instead, check our “write for us” page.

2. Banner Spaces

Another effective way to attract eyeballs of our readers to your brand is to place ad banners. As you can notice, we’ve several ad places where we show ads to our readers – these can be yours.

Banner spaces are available on a monthly or bi-annual basis with upfront payments.

To discuss sponsored banner space availability and prices, contact me at with the subject line “Banner Ads – Stampede66Restaurant

I receive a lot of pitches so it might take up to 3 days to respond to your email. Thank you for your patience.