Top 5 Best Air Fryers Under $100 in 2021 (Reviewed)

Air fryers are the most useful cooking appliances ever. What can you not do with this? You can cook, fry, bake, grill with a single air fryer. The best thing? You can also cut calories! Air fried food has a lot less fat content than typical deep fried food. However, because it’s so much multifunctional, an air fryer is also quite an expensive appliance. Good news, we have researched and found 5 best air fryers under $100! 

Without much ado, let’s have a look at them!




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Ninja 1550-Watt 4-Quart

Ninja 1550-Watt 4-Quart – Programmable Base Air Fryer

Programmable feature

Very large capacity

COSORI Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer

One touch LED screen

Rapid Air Technology

Philips Starfish Air Fryer

Philips Starfish Air Fryer


Comes with a cookbook

Dash Fryer Oven Cooker

Dash Fryer Oven Cooker


Air Crisp technology

Secura Hot XL

Secura Hot XL 4.2Qt

Large capacity

Dishwasher friendly

1. Ninja 1550-Watt 4-Quart – Programmable Base Air Fryer

Ninja 1550-Watt 4-Quart

Imagine an air fryer with minimum handling. Even better, what if you can program it according to your own need? Ninja’s programmable air fryer is exactly that. This air fryer happens to be the best air fryer among the programmable ones. The size of this air fryer is on the bigger side.

But that shouldn’t’ worry you much, because this air fryer can actually replace your electric oven I terms of functionality. You can easily raise temperature up to 400F with this air fryer. The heat dissipates very quickly and you end up with a very quick dinner! There is also a reheat option in the air fryer, so don’t worry about food going cold or lack of a microwave. 

As the name says, it’s programmable. This air fryer actually has a one-touch control panel. The panel has four programmable cooking functions on it. You can manually set the cooking time and temperature here. The panel is very easy to use. 

This air fryer can easily cook meals for a family of 4 or 5. The extra-large size is definitely great for a family party. To give an idea, you can cook more than 3 pounds of potato, 1 dozen of chicken wings and 5 fish at a time in this large air fryer. Planning for a mukbang? Definitely, the air fryer is sufficient enough.

This one also has a crisper plate, a ceramic coated air fryer basket for deep frying, multi-layered racks. After use, you can easily wash the whole thing in a dish washer.


  • Smart and programmable
  • 75% less fat than traditional deep fryers
  • Available in multiple sizes with features
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Noisy during the first uses
  • Creates a bit of smell

2. COSORI Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be if you can control cooking wares through Wi-Fi? It’s no longer an imagination, COSORI has made it the reality. This top rated air fryer has Wi-Fi controlling feature which you can operate via a smartphone! It also has a digital one-touch LED touchscreen.

It has a shake reminder to help you to keep track of the cooking time. This one has 11 Presets options. Oh, and no worries about munching on French fries- if you cook with this air fryer you’d end up with 85% less fat! This air fryer will let you have your cheat foods in peace!

The air fryer has a large cooking space- almost 5.8 Quart. You can cook meal not just for yourself, but a whole family party. You can easily cook 5-6 whole chicken in this air fryer! Each model is suitable enough to feed 3 to 6 people!

The air fryer can reach up to 400F. So you can bake anything here- from roasting chicken to baking a cake. Just like any air fryers, this one is very versatile. You can use it as a frying machine. The ease of use is just amazing- just load up your food and set the cooking temperature and time and that’s it! Dinner’s ready.

This air fryer has a detachable inner basket. You can just easily separate it from the cooking basket and clean it. It’s an air fryer that even looks the part- it’s very stylish, while also being affordable. It’s hard to wrap our mind around how an efficient air fryer can be so cheap! So, hurry up and grab yours too!


  • Top rated
  • Very affordable
  • Wi-Fi controlled
  • Digital one-touch LED screen
  • Detachable basket


  • Needs large storage space

3. Philips Starfish Air Fryer

Philips Starfish Air Fryer

Are you looking for a smaller and more affordable air fryer? We’ve got you covered with this Philips Starfish Air Fryer. Phillips has been making high quality electronics for a long time. This one is one of their best works. The quality is very high and attractive looking. As mentioned earlier, it’s not very large. This is why it’s very lightweight and portable. It only weighs 1.8 lbs. 

This air fryer employs Rapid Air Technology. Due to this, very hot air is circulated through the air fryer cooking basket and the food. Also, you can cook any type of food- fry fish, chicken veggies, meat and so on. Don’t worry about fat content- cooking in air fryer accumulates 75% less fat.

The best thing about this air fryer is that it comes with a cookbook! It comes with the “Philips Air fryer cookbook”. You can find more than 150 cooking recipes. How cool is that? It’s very dishwasher safe too. So, don’t worry about the grease, it can be easily cleaned. You can grill, chicken strips, onions- anything you want


  • Portable and light
  • Comes with a free cooking book
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rapid air technology
  • Affordable


  • Not great for a big family

4. Dash Fryer Oven Cooker

Dash Fryer Oven Cooker

Another portable air fryer in the list. This compact air fryer made by Dash is game changer. If you’re going to a picnic or hiking, you can easily pack it into your backpack. It’s also great if you’re single and living alone. The small and portable design made this air fryer a favorite among many. It’s easily one of the best air fryer when it comes to budget. 

This super compact air fryer uses a very special “Air Crisp Technology”. This reduces oil and circulates very hot air to make a quick and crispy fry. Cooking with this air fryer will let you have a chicken fry without all the oil- it reduces fat by 70-80%! So, you’re getting all the crispy goodness, but without the calories!

The functions of this air fryer is also very easy to find and use. It has two manual knobs which work as a controller. You can maintain the cooking time and temperature with the knobs. There is also an auto shut-off function which can prevent you from overcooking. So, there’s no risk of any hot smoke or fire!


  • Portable and affordable
  • Features Air Crisp Technology
  • Very compact
  • Comes with a small recipe guide


  • Very small, may not be suitable for a large family

5. Secura Hot XL 4.2Qt – Affordable & Versatile Air Fryer

Secura Hot XL

Another top rated air fryer under $100! This air fryer also uses the Rapid Air Technology. It’s also very versatile. This one is moderately big, almost 4.2 quart. The Rapid Air technology makes the fried items much crispier. You really don’t need a deep fryers or anything as such.

This one comes with a 4-liter air fryer basket. So, you can go for extra-large meals with this air fryer. The 1500-watt electric coil can raise the inner temperature up to 180F to 390F. It also has a 60-minute cooking timer along with an automatic-shut off feature. There’s no risk of overcooked food or burnt food. It also has heating and indicator lights.


  • Automatic shut off system
  • Rapid hot air technology
  • Extra-large capacity
  • Oil-free nonstick surface


  • No digital display

Final Words

These were out top 5 best air fryers under $100! These were selected based on few things- the technology, versatility, ease of use and of course the price. While all of the air fryers are great in their own way, we have a favorite. 

COSORI Air Fryer is the best air fryer under $100 according to our judgment. We think that it is very convenient and has all the useful features that make it easy to use.