Best Ductless Range Hoods

Top 10 Best Ductless Range Hoods for 2020

The only way to get proper ventilation in a kitchen is by installing a kitchen range hood. The sole purpose of it is to eliminate smoke, vapor and odor.

Kitchen range hoods can improve the air quality to a great extent. They are intricately designed to provide the best ventilation possible.

It will get very troublesome to choose the right range hood out of all the brands and types of kitchen range hoods. The current market is filled with brands competing with their “best ductless range hoods”.

So, which one should you buy? We have listed down the top ten best ductless range hoods in this article just for you.

Types of Ductless Range Hoods

Before purchasing a range hood, you should familiarize yourself with the types of range hoods and their function. Without a little bit of information, it would be very hard for you to pick the best range hood.

The different types of range hoods depend on the features and the layout of a kitchen. There are mainly four different types of range hoods. They have been explained below.

1. Wall Mounted Range Hood 

The name is probably enough to make everyone understand the type of hood it is. This kitchen hood can be attached to the wall above the stove.

The wall mounted range hoods are installed with a chimney for better ventilation. There is an exterior wall behind them which helps the range hood to suck out unwanted odor, vapor and smoke.

2. Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Under cabinet range hoods are a sophisticated addition to your kitchen. Their sleek and compact design can turn any rusty old kitchen into a classy one. They are installed directly above the cooktop. 

This type of range hood has two different categories. Ducted and ductless. A ducted range hood is compact and doesn’t take much space. It is effective in recycling smoke and vapor as well. 

On the other hand, ductless range hoods take a hefty amount of space but it is very effective. 

3. Island Range Hood 

The island range hood is somewhat similar to the design of the wall mounted range hood. It is suspended from the ceiling directly above the cooktop.

There is no duct behind the hood. Instead of that, there is duct in the ceiling. It eliminates smoke, dust and odor from the air effectively. 

4. Professional-Grade Range Hood 

A Professional-Grade Range Hood is for those who want a powerful and effective ventilation system to remove toxins and smoke from their kitchens.

The built in fan with this range hood is very strong and the CFM is 900+. This is a commercial grade residential hood that can toxins and smoke from your kitchen in no time.

With that said, let's take a quick look at our top 10 best ductless range hoods for 2020.




Check Price

Broan 413004

Broan 413004

Doesn’t make much noise

Durable build

Variety of sizes

Cosmo 5MU30

Cosmo 5MU30

Has 3 speed settings

Available in 2 sizes

Zuhne Ventus30

Zuhne Ventus30

Easy installation

Low noise design

Air King AD1248

Air King AD1248

Compact design

Has on/off light switch

Chef PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Chef PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Has 6 different speed settings

Includes 3 venting options

ZLine ZLKB36

ZLine ZLKB36

Smart push buttons

Four speed settings

Kitchen Bath Collection STL-75

Kitchen Bath Collection STL-75

Very quiet

Strong build

Zuhne iChorus 36-Plus

Zuhne iChorus 36-Plus

Perfect for tall ceilings

Powerful suction

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 36 in

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 36 in

Aesthetic design

Three speed settings

Broan Ductless 413001

Broan Ductless 413001

Charcoal Filter is provided

Available in different sizes

Top 10 Best Ductless Range Hoods (Review)

1. Broan 413004 - Best Overall Ductless Range Hood

Broan 413004

Key Features:

  • Includes a variety of sizes ranging from 21 inches to 42 inches
  • Made out of sturdy stainless steel
  • The noise level is minimum
  • Design is classy and sleek

Broan is back with their high quality kitchen range hoods. The price is pretty reasonable compared to the exceptional performance it provides. 

The entire range hood is made out of stainless steel. Besides a sturdy and durable build, the design of this model is modern enough to make any kitchen look classy.

It includes a 2 speed motor fan which recirculates air efficiently and does not make much noise.


  • Has a charcoal filter to clean air
  • Includes a one year warranty
  • Sturdy and durable build; Made of stainless steel


  • Does not have energy saving lights
Cosmo 5MU30

Key Features:

  • Includes 3 speed settings
  • Blows air up to 200 CFM
  • Can be used as a ducted or ductless range hood
  • Available in two sizes

Cosmo presents their under cabinet range hood. Unlike other range hoods, this is a multifunctional range hood with a convertible design. That means, it can be used as both ducted and ductless range hood. 

That is not the only feature it has, it also includes a 3 speed setting for faster air ventilation. It also has energy saving LED lights for easy operation.


  • Has a high quality filtration system
  • Includes 5 year warranty
  • Has energy saving LED lights and 3 speed fan settings
  • Made out of 20 gauge stainless steel


  • Does not have a wide range of sizes
  • The carbon filter needs to be separately bought
Zuhne Ventus30

Key Features:

  • Can be used as a ductless and ducted range hoods
  • Installation is flexible
  • Includes low noise design

Zuhne Ventus 30 has been designed specifically for convenient and efficient use. Besides the outstanding performance it provides, the installation process is also very flexible. 

The backlit soft touch controls are very responsive and easy to operate. The touch control, LED lights and baffle filter altogether form a powerful and modern range hood and that is the Zuhne Ventus 30.

It can also be used as both ducted and ductless range hood. For easy installation, all of the necessary accessories are provided.


  • For ductless installation, filters are free
  • Includes lifetime warranty
  • Both ducted and ductless features are available


  • The price is not reasonable
Air King AD1248

Key Features:

  • Compact and durable design
  • Made out of high quality stainless steel
  • Includes an On/Off light switch

Air King’s AD1248 might not have a fancy exterior but its functions will absolutely baffle you. It is one of the best ductless range hoods currently available in the market. 

The design might not interest you at first but it’s compact design and durable build is what makes it worth buying. It is made out of 23 gauge stainless steel and this model also includes dual rocker switches.


  • Includes 1 year warranty
  • Sturdy and durable build


  • Only available in one size
Chef PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Key Features:

  • Includes 6 different speed settings
  • Provides maximum suction of 860 CFM
  • Include three venting options

Chef PS18 is one of the best under cabinet hoods available in the market. You might be wondering why? At the end of this review, you will get your answer. 

Besides the ideal size and design of Chef PS18, the powerful mechanism and functions will amaze you.

It has six different speed settings along with 860 CFM power. The model also has LED lights with adjustable brightness controls. 


  • Includes three venting options
  • Easy installation
  • Efficient performance


  • Too heavy
ZLine ZLKB36

Key Features:

  • Includes four different speed settings
  • Noise proof design
  • Has smart push buttons

Zline presents their new ZLKB36 which is packed with tons of exciting features. Considering the price and features of this range hood, Zline has totally outdone themselves. 

If you are interested in buying a powerful yet compact range hood, then Zline’s ZLKB36 is the perfect fit for you.

It includes four speed settings along with a suction power of 170 CFM. Besides this, it also has built in LED lights.


  • Does not make noise while working
  • Powerful suction and variable speed settings are available
  • Affordable price


  • The provided mounting screws are not reliable
Kitchen Bath Collection STL-75

Key Features:

  • A very quiet unit even in highest speed setting
  • Durable and strong build

Kitchen Bath Collection’s STL-75 is a compact, stylish and affordable ductless range hood. Don’t let its size and price fool you, this model does not compromise with its performance.
The suction power is 412 CFM and it includes a three speed system. Best of all, it comes with charcoal filters and the two piece chimney can be adjustable.


  • Made out of 304 stainless steel


  • No brightness control
Zuhne iChorus 36-Plus

Key Features:

  • Ideal for taller ceilings
  • Can offer 600 CFM power

Zuhne’s iChorus 36plus is the perfect match for those who have tall ceilings. This range hood has been specifically designed for home owners who have taller ceilings.

The backlit touch buttons, incredibly powerful suction and easy to clean filters have made us include Zuhne to our list.


  • Filter is easy to clean
  • Stainless steel build and smooth finishing


  • No setting to lower brightness or to adjust it
Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 36 in

Key Features:

  • Visually pleasing design
  • Includes three different fan speeds

Perfetto’s Kitchen range hood is one of the best looking kitchen hoods out there. Its sophisticated design can go with any type of kitchen decor. 

Apart from its design, it has a power capacity of up to 400 CFM. It also has 3 speed settings.


  • Sleek and classy design
  • More than average powered suction


  • Makes noise while working
Broan Ductless 413001

Key Features:

  • Comes with a charcoal filter

Broan kitchen appliances are a trustworthy brand, so don’t worry. Just like their other appliances, Broan 413001 will not fail to amaze you.

It can be fit anywhere without interrupting the decor of your kitchen. It has a protective lamp lens, smooth surfaces to clean and quick to wash filters.


  • Filters are easy to wash
  • Different sizes are available


  • Makes a little noise

Best Ductless Range Hoods: Buying Guide

Before rushing into buying a range hood for your kitchen, there are a few things that should be considered.

A durable range hood with advanced features can be a pretty big investment. So, you might want to purchase the best range hood at one shot.

The factors that need to be considered while buying a range hood are briefly explained below.

1. Size 

A range hood cannot provide proper air ventilation if it is smaller than the cooktop. There is no specific size for a range hood but it is a very crucial factor to consider. The range needs to be wider than the cooktop.

For example, if you have a 33 inch cooktop then your range hood needs to be 39 inches. Without the appropriate size, proper air ventilation is not possible. 

2. Mount

There are several mounting options for a ductless range hood. It can be under the cabinet, against a wall or as an inside liner.

This is an important factor because you do not want to ruin your kitchen decor with the wrong mounting. Choose the right mounting option according to your kitchen decor. 

3. Filter

There are two types of filters to choose from. The mesh filter and the baffle filter. The mesh filter is a kind of filter that grabs the grease using the mesh.

On the other hand, the baffle filter collects the oil and stores it in a tray. This tray can be cleaned afterwards. Both of these filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher. 

4. Ventilation 

Range hoods are designed to suck the oil, grease and vapour from the air and recirculate fresh air in an enclosed region.

Range hoods are perfect for small apartments and enclosed kitchens. Working without any sort of ventilation is harmful for us. So, the best option is to install a ductless range hood.   

5. Height 

The height of the range hood is a very important factor to be considered. The right measurement should be taken before installing it. Measure from the ceiling to the top of your stove for the most accurate measurement. 

The recommended distance is between 28 to 36 inches (from top of the stove to bottom of range hood). Then from the total number subtract the recommended interval for your range hood.

The number remaining is the height of the range hood which is required. In this way, you can get the most accurate measurements.

Bottom Line

A good kitchen range hood can be a pretty good investment.

Air ventilation is very important specially during cooking. A range hood can recirculate and provide fresh odor-free air. 

But there are a lot of brands and types to choose from. So hopefully after reading our review of the top ten best ductless range hoods, you can easily decide.