Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

When it comes to a farmhouse sink, the water supply needs to be top-notch. So, you need a faucet that performs without any interruptions. However, the look is also crucial as it needs to match the overall vibe. From rustic design to modern ones, the diversity in kitchen faucets can astonish anyone! For someone who has never purchased a faucet before, from the plethora of features to the unbelievable price ranges, everything may confuse you more and more. So, to help you figure out which one you should purchase, we have created a list of the best faucets, depending on the features, user experience and brand value.


The design of your faucet plays an important role in binding the whole look of your sink. So you should decide on the theme before thinking about purchasing a faucet. From vintage to rustic, from black to white, from single lever to cross handle, you can find faucets in every color, finish and design. So, go through the color range and available finishes of every faucet.

Spout Height and Reach

This has to be one of the most important aspects of a faucet. The spout height and reach basically tells you about the range of the faucet. The spout height determines the remaining space after installing a faucet, For example, if you want to fill many pots in your sinks and clean them, choose something that has an above-average height and reach. On the other hand, for smaller sinks, the spout height needs to be smaller too. If you want to get the water flow smoothly, do not ignore the reach.


Not every faucet comes with your dream features. For example, only a few faucets contain sensors for a hands-free experience. Even voice-controlled faucets can also be seen in the market. On the other hand, most of the faucets come with a temperature control feature that helps you to determine the temperature and water flow. So, prioritize your demands.




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Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

Moen Two-Sensor Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Made of stainless steel

Comes with a double sensor

Operates using electricity or battery

Spout height of 15.5 inches

Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

Crea Bathroom Kitchen Faucet

Made of stainless steel

The faucet has a rotation range of 360

Spout height of 5.7 inches

Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

Tohlar Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets

Made of stainless steel and solid brass

360 swivel rotation

Deck mount

Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

Wewesink faucet

Pulled down sprayer

Spout height of 8.5 inches

Integrated  aerator

Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

Delta Faucet Leland Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Made of brass

Spout height of 7.5 inches

Spray head with 2 modes: stream and spray

Kingo Home Pull Down Sprayer

Brass material and nickel coating

Spout height of 3.7 inches

Hose supply can be pulled down up to 20 inches

Kingston Victorian Kitchen Faucet

Made of 100% brass

Spout height of 7 inches


Friho Lead-Free Kitchen Sink Faucet

Made of brass with additional nickel coating

Spout height of 5.1 inches

GGStudy Single Handle Black Bathroom Faucet

Made of brass

Spout height of 3.9 inches and 8.5 inches

Comes in 4 different colors

Kraus Artec Pro 2-Function Farmhouse Sink Faucet

Made of brass and stainless steel

Magnet docking

Spout height of 6.63 inches

1. Moen Two-Sensor Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

Here’s the kitchen faucet that has been dubbed as Amazon’s choice. This particular model from Moen is widely popular due to its sleek design. With multiple sensor options and a wide range of finishes, this can transform the look of your sink. The sensors enable hand-free usage for more convenience. Moreover, the installation process is also fairly easy and the faucet comes with an optional deck-plate for 3-hole installation. This 3-function spray provides you the option to choose between power spray and sprays such as aerated stream and pause on the pulldown which is pretty impressive. The only lacking has to be the additional purchase of batteries or adapter for operating this faucet. Other than that, this is the best the market has to offer!


  • Ensures hands-free usage experience
  • Features power spray technology for 50% more efficient spraying
  • Resistant to spots such as fingerprints and water stains
  • Comes with a limited lifetime guarantee


  • Can leak water

2. Crea Bathroom Kitchen Faucet

Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

Here’s another kitchen faucet that is loved by the users for its useful features. This one is also Amazon’s choice in the small kitchen faucet category. This faucet ensures zero drips and decreases your water use by 30%. The sleek stainless steel body does not only look beautiful but also resists corrosion for longer life.In addition to this, this particular kitchen faucet can be mounted on either 1 or 3 holes. Moreover, they can be used outdoor too. All you need to do is install this properly. This environmentally friendly faucet is the best for you if you’re someone who wants to impact our planet in a good way!


  • Sturdy body
  • Resistant to finger stains and corrosion
  • Temperature can be controlled
  • Can be used in both single or triple hole where the dimension is between 1” and 1.3”
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Has an occasional dripping problem

3. Tohlar Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets

Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

This kitchen faucet from Tohlar can attract anyone as it has multiple useful features. This one has a sturdy body with increased durability due to 5-layer metal plating. As a result, Tohlar claims their faucet lasts longer than any other faucets in the market.

Moreover, the resistance to spot keeps it looking new. In addition to all this, the sprayer head can be pulled down and the rotational range of the swivel spout offers easier cleaning. As a result, if you want a faucet for maximum cleaning, choose this one without any doubt!


  • Sprayer head can be pulled down for convenience
  • 3-optioned sprayer head
  • Temperature can be controlled
  • Guarantees longer life, almost double compared to other faucets
  • Comes with a 90-day return guarantee


  • Does not come with a deck plate

4. Wewesink faucet

Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

This particular faucet can be perfect for your farmhouse sink. From offering a 3-optioned sprayer that provides the options of spraying, streaming and pausing to changing water temperature; the range is too wide for anyone to disappoint.

In addition to this, the pull-down technology and elongated supply pipe make it user-friendly. The average time of installation is 20 minutes only which means no extra hassle!


  • Resistant to spots for a glossy look
  • Features filters within aerator to provide high-quality water
  • Temperature can be changed
  • Comes with a comparatively longer supply pipe
  • Suitable for both 1 and 3 hole installation


  • Can leak sometimes

5. Delta Faucet Leland Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Best Faucets for Farmhouse Sink

Here’s a faucet that incorporates a diamond seal technology. This diamond seal technology decreases the wearing of valves and ensures longer life. 

The docking is done in order to decrease water wastage by preventing any drop. Moreover, the multiple finishes can cater to everyone so this one is a great option for people who want something simple and long-lasting.


  • Features Magnatite Docking for zero dripping
  • Ensures longer usage
  • Comes with a lifetime-limited warranty
  • Suitable for both single or triple-hole installation
  • Comes in multiple finishes


  • Sometimes water does not turn on

6. Kingo Home Pull Down Sprayer

This faucet can be used in any farmhouse kitchen for maximum cleaning. The main attraction of this one is the easy installation process. The addition of deck plate, water hose and adapter eliminates the need for any additional purchase which saves both time and money.

The cleaning is also top-notch as in addition to functions such as spraying and streaming, the hose ensures a higher reach for proper cleaning.


  • Features ceramic valves for durability
  • High-quality spot resistance
  • Rubber nozzle can be cleaned easily
  • The supply hose extends for maximum cleaning


  • Sometimes the spray option may not function properly

7. Kingston Victorian Kitchen Faucet

This one is one of our most unique recommendations when it comes to faucets for farmhouse kitchens. This particular one is a cross-handled that can be mounted on the wall. In other words, this is perfect for people who want a vintage-looking faucet.

Moreover, the usage of solid brass makes this one durable and strong. The chrome polish adds a much-needed touch which prevents corrosion. However, this faucet does not incorporates features such as extended head, sensor etc.


  • Has the ability to resist rust and wear
  • Designed to ensure zero drip
  • Water volume can be switched
  • Water temperature can be change
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee


  • Offers limited swivel spout range

8. Friho Lead-Free Kitchen Sink Faucet

This faucet is suitable for people who want something eco-friendly. This faucet does not contain any trace of lead so it can be used safely. Moreover, the operational modes and water temperature controlling system are quite handy. The 360⸰ movement guarantees a thorough cleaning. The faucet is dock mounted and the body is corrosion resistant.

So, it ensures a longer use and saves additional maintenance costs. However, the dock plate does not come with your purchase so that may cost extra few bucks. So, get your hands on this pair for a safe and long-lasting experience.


  • Can resist corrosion
  • 2 water options available: spray and stream
  • Water flow and temperature can be switched
  • Rubber nozzle for efficient cleaning


  • Does not include deck plate

9. GGStudy Single Handle Black Bathroom Faucet

This one is known for its vintage vibe which can give your farmhouse sink the traditional look you want. The main advantage of purchasing this faucet is the convenient installation process. The user manual is descriptive enough to answer all your questions which ensure a hassle-free installation.

Moreover, this wall-mounted faucet can switch the water temperature while ensuring laminar flow. Finally, the ceramic valve ensures a secured closure and zero leakage. So, don’t forget to check this one out!


  • Ensures a laminar flow of water
  • 2 different spout height options
  • Includes every hardware for installation
  • Includes pop-up drain


  • Sometimes the hoses may not function properly

10. Kraus Artec Pro 2-Function Farmhouse Sink Faucet

Our final recommendation is from Kraus which is a faucet that is equipped with multiple modern features. The design of this faucet is simple and sleek. So, this is the best blend between functionality and design.

The faucet is designed to resist spots and the additional rubber nozzles make the cleaning process much less difficult. In addition to this, every needed hardware is included with the package for a quick installation so you can enjoy this without any hassle!


  • Resistant to water stain and fingertips
  • Magnetic docking for minimum leak
  • Includes every hardware for installation
  • Comes with a limited lifetime guarantee


  • Only suitable for large sinks

When it comes to your sink, the faucet needs to be both functional and visually pleasing. To ensure maximum efficiency, check all the needed features before deciding which one you’re going to buy. If you get too hooked on the look, you may end up purchasing something that is unable to serve the much-needed purpose! So, be very careful before choosing one.

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