Can You Freeze Potato Salad?

We’ve all had those days where the prepared dish is just too much in quantity, and no matter how fast you eat or how much, there’s just a lot left.

With a frustrating excess potato salad problem in your hands, it gets to that point where you’re seriously considering throwing the whole thing away or just gulping the entire bowl. 

Don’t do either. 

Potato salads, regardless of being homemade or store-bought, dressed with mayonnaise or vinegar and oil – will remain fresh in your refrigerator for about five days, given it’s preserved properly.

However, we can ensure that by the third or fourth day of your never-ending potato salad buffet, you’ll be too sick to even look at another potato for the next few months.

The only other option is to freeze them. So, can you freeze potato salad, or does it strip all the flavor and earthiness from the dish? 

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Can You Freeze Potato Salad?

Thankfully, potato salad can be frozen.

The good: The freezing process is super simple.

The bad: It’s the thawing that’s tricky.

Potato salad can’t be reheated, so you’ll have to be more careful regarding the thawing so there’s no chance for the bacteria to multiply, thus turning your once beloved potato dish inedible.

How To Pack Your Potato Salad for Freezing

1. Airtight Container

Spoon the leftover salad from the main container and restore it to an airtight container. Check to see if the container is freezer-safe.

Make sure to leave some space at the top, preferably 1 ½ ‘’ so there’s enough space for the potato salad to gain volume while freezing. 

Time to reclose the lid, seal it tightly, and label it.

Don’t forget to date your content just in case you have an unhealthy habit of snacking in the middle of the night and aim for any jar that is near your hand.

You can keep this potato salad like this for up to three months.

2. Plastic bag

The alternative to the container is to use a freezer-safe plastic baggie. 

Place the remaining potato salad in the salad but leave the same amount of room like you would with the container. The salad might expand and you don’t want to hinder that.

Gently press the side of the bag shut to remove additional air at the top. Seal the bag. 

And again, date and label your potato salad. It’ll stay there for up to three months. 

How to Thaw Potato Salad

You’re now ready to leftover potato salad with a meal. These are the steps you should follow for best results.

First things first. Take the potato salad out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator.

Absolutely don’t attempt reheating it in the microwave. Don’t leave it on the counter overnight.

You shouldn’t expose potato salad to temperatures exceeding 40° F. This acts as a growth agent for bacteria and they multiply fast, causing spoilage of the food.

Ideally, potato salads should be left in the fridge overnight to thaw.

There you have it! Your potato salad tasting as fresh and as delicious as it did on day one!

Spoon it into another serving bowl and sprinkle some garnish on top to jazz things up a little.

How about some fresh herbs that are both aromatic and pleasing to the eyes?

If you want to get the work done quicker, you can imply the cold water method.

Place the container of the frozen potato salad in the sink and fill it with water. Drain the sink every 30 minutes and refill with fresh water. 

This is a safe way to keep the potato salad at a tolerable temperature until the entire thawing has been done nicely. This process can take a few hours, but it’s the safest.


Any leftover potato salad can be conveniently stored in the fridge. You can choose to keep it in an airtight container, or just place the original container in there if you’re feeling particularly lazy.

For potato salad lying in the fridge, the shelf life is said to be two to four days. Nonetheless, when you’re consuming this kind of potato salad, keep an eye for any mold growth, weird smells, or liquid texture. 

All three of them are indicators that the bacterium had found a way to multiply, rendering the salad inedible. 

Room Temperature

You can’t, and we absolutely can’t stress this enough, never store these salads at room temperature.

You can keep potato salad at room temperature for two hours maximum. Anything more and you’ll be left with spoiled potato salad that’s unsafe to consume.

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1. How long will potato salad sit in the freezer?

Answer: You can store potato salad in the freezer for a maximum of three months. Make sure it’s in an airtight bag or container for optimum results.

2. How long does store-bought potato salad last in the refrigerator? 

Answer: These can be stored in the fridge for two to four days. That’s a wide timeframe, so it’s highly recommended that you keep an eye on the dish after the 2nd day has passed.

If there’s any color starting to form (green or black), any odor, or some slimy texture, consider that your potato salad has crossed its limit. Consumption of this can lead to food poisoning, so it’s best you steer clear of this.

3. Can you have mayo in your potato salad mix for freezing?

Answer: Mix anything with mayonnaise and the thawing becomes somewhat trickier.

The condiment may break down. Instead of an originally thick spread, upon thawing, mayo can take a super runny and gooey texture.

Therefore, it would be easier to freeze and thaw potato salad that doesn’t have added mayo.


There’s a chance that you will have potato salad left after a meal, whether you used the right measurements to prepare at home or got it from a store.

We hope this answered your question of “Can you freeze potato salad?”

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