How Long to Bake Salmon at 350?

Baked Salmon is undoubtedly a delicious food dish. You can serve it as a holiday meal or in celebration dinners. Well, it won’t harm if you have baked Salmon regularly at your dinner table. It’s so savory that we bet, your family will love it.

While baking Salmon at home, you should consider some cooking tactics. The oven temperature here plays a vital role which you cannot neglect at all. Well, you don’t want to make your Salmon overcooked, right? It’ll dry up all the moist and make the fish chewy.

On the other hand, undercooked fish is notorious for health. So, you see, you can’t deny the temperature. Similarly, the timing is also an important aspect in baking Salmon.

Even if you set the right temperature, keeping your fish for a long time in the oven may result in a burnt fish and vice versa. Thus, to learn about How Long to Bake Salmon at 350, keep reading the following details.

Does All Salmon Pieces Cook at the Same Temperature?

When you’re cooking Salmon, you need to consider a couple of things first. At first, look at the size and thickness of your fish. Too much thick fish can take much time than cooking an average piece. Also, you see that a whole Salmon will take longer time period than if it’s cut into pieces.

So, if you’re in a hurry, it’s better to use cut Salmon fish instead of a whole. How to know your Salmon’s done? Take a fork and see if the flesh easily flakes out. However, there is always room for creativity, if you like your fish differently.

For example, if you are a medium doneness lover, then you will need lesser time to cook. So, that brings to the fact that Salmon Baking can be done in different temperatures according to your preference.

This leads to the time differences for each baking. We’ll describe how cooking time can vary due to different temperatures.

Cooking Temperature Differences

Let’s start at what temperature USDA recommends us to cook Salmon in. It is advisable to bake Salmon fillet’s thickest part in at least 145 degrees temperature.

For medium doneness, people can cook farmed Salmon at 125 degrees Fahrenheit and Wild Salmon at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How Long to Bake Salmon at 350?

It’ll take only around 16 – 18 minutes to cook Salmon at 350 degrees. We’re talking about the nicely cut pieces here. However, the time will lengthen if you bake the Salmon as a whole portion. Then, it will take about 20 – 24 minutes to finally bake the whole fish. 

As you’ll increase the temperature, you’ll see the it’ll take lesser time to be baked completely. Ranging from 350-450 degrees, you’ll find the cooking time decreasing gradually. Make sure not to overcook and burn it!

Let’s take a look at the table below. We hope the cooking time at different temperatures will be clearer to you.

Oven TemperatureHow Long to Bake Salmon
PortionWhole Fillet
350 degrees16 – 18 min20 – 24 min
375 degrees14 – 16 min17 – 20 min
400 degrees12 – 14 min14 – 17 min
425 degrees10 – 12 min12 – 14 min
450 degrees8 – 10 min10 – 12 min

Confused by all the temperatures, you might wonder which one is the best one.  Well, we’re here to help you in this case. You see, depending upon your preferences, you can cook Salmon anyway you want – dressed/marinated Salmon or Dry Seasoned Salmon. Each of them has a unique optimum point of cooking temperature that helps them cook better. 

If you’re someone who loves Salmon with some extra moist and juicy flavors, bake it at 350- or 375-degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperature will prevent the sauce from burning.

However, to get a crispy exterior, you can just dry season it and bake it at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. You can change the temperature between the range 425-450 degrees depending on your oven’s functionality. 

What if I use Frozen Salmon?

With frozen Salmon you can use two methods. Either you can thaw the salmon and cook it just like the fresh ones. Or, you can try sealing it tightly with a foil paper before throwing it in the oven.

We would recommend the latter because it’s easier to cook this way. So, the style is almost similar to the fresh ones but here we’ll use a foil paper. What the foil paper will do is that it will trap any steam inside and prevent the fish from being too much dry. 

Then, bake it for 15 minutes in 400 degrees. After that, remove the foil covering and send it back to the oven. This time it’ll take about 8 – 10 minutes to cook properly in 145 degrees temperature. Keep in mind about the thickness of the fish pieces. You know what to do if the pieces the fish is cut into pieces or it’s a one giant fish.

Don’t Overcook!

Overcooking your delicious Salmon would be a huge mess! No matter at what temperature you’re cooking always try to see whether your fish is becoming overcooked. Otherwise you’ll experience an extremely dry and unpalatable lump of fish in your mouth. 

So, if you’re in doubt that your Salmon can dry out, use a little white wine, lemon juice or olive oil to hold the moisture of the fish. A pinch of salt will enhance the taste even better. 

Also, you can marinate the salmon prior to baking. Fish usually marinades really fast, so reduce your cooking time for marinated fish. 15-minute baking will be perfect!