How To Roast Coffee Beans

How To Roast Coffee Beans? Want to enjoy your coffee to the fullest? How about roasting your own coffee beans at home? Roasting coffee beans yourself will ensure that you get a fresh cup of coffee every time you want one. This is why many people prefer roasting their coffee beans themselves. All you need is a bit of practice and you can come up with the perfecting roasting according to your preference. So, instead of going to a coffee shop, you should start roasting your coffee beans yourself too.

Want to know how to roast your coffee beans? Continue reading and find out everything about roasting the coffee beans yourself.

Why Do We Need To Roast Coffee?

In raw form, coffee is a red fruit that needs to be processed before we actually drink it. During the processing, the outer and inner skin along with the pulp is removed from this red fruit. Once it is removed, the coffee bean, which is left behind is dried. When the coffee bean is dried, it transforms into a green coffee bean that is used by everyone for roasting.

The beans need to be roasted because if you make your coffee without roasting them, it would become bitter and acidic. When the green beans are roasted, they change their color to brown which is larger and lighter than a green coffee bean. These green coffee beans can be stored for as long as you want and every time you roast it, they will be fresh just like before.

Step By Step Guide On Roasting Your Coffee Beans

If you want your coffee beans roasted fresh, then you should consider roasting them yourself. A coffee cup made of freshly roasted coffee beans is worth a thousand cups of coffee at a coffee shop because those beans are not freshly roasted.

Check out the step by step guide if you also want to roast the coffee beans yourself.

Get The Best Unroasted Beans

The first step for roasting your own coffee beans is to buy some green roasted coffee beans. The beans need to be of the best quality as quality matters a lot. These green beans will be much tinier and heavier than the actual brown coffee beans that you normally see. So, while ordering the green beans, you should keep in mind that they will get smaller when you roast them. It is because they are in their raw form. This is why you need to buy a few extra pounds of them. Once you roast them, they will turn into brown. You can store these green beans for as long as you want, and they will not lose their quality.

Pick Up The Roasting Equipment

Once you have got your hand on the green beans, you need to get a coffee bean roasting equipment. While commercial coffee makers use expensive roasters that roast tons of coffee beans at one time, you would not need such a large and expensive coffee roaster for yourself. Since you will be roasting smaller quantities of beans for yourself at home, you can buy any small coffee roaster that will serve the purpose. There are many options available for you to choose such as countertop roaster or popcorn popper. While countertop roasters are quite expensive, popcorn poppers will work just as effectively. So, you can get any roasting equipment for yourself depending upon your requirements and budget.

Start Roasting

Now comes the actual work. The roasting process! We do not need to tell you the benefits of roasting your coffee beans yourself as you already know. Apart from getting the fresh-roasted beans every time you want a coffee, you will also be able to control the flavor and caffeine when you roast the beans yourself. So many benefits n such simple work! All you need to do is put the green beans in the roaster, turn on the heat, and stir. You will notice the green beans slowly changing its color and form. When their color shifts to brown, you should keep your ears open for the crack. This will be a sound similar to the popping of the popcorn.

Take The Beans Out

Do you like your coffee more caffeinated? Then you should keep their color to light brown because the lighter the shade of brown, the more caffeinated your coffee will be. If you like it darker, then you should give the beans a few more minutes so that they turn into your preferred shade of brown. So, it will totally depend upon you when to pull out the beans from the roaster. But, do not wait for the beans to turn into black because otherwise, your coffee will taste too bitter and terrible. All your hard work would go to waste. You surely would not want that.

Cool Them Down

You cannot immediately use the beans you just took out from the roaster to make your coffee. You need to give them some time to cool down. It will require a few hours for the beans to completely cool down. There are various methods that you can pick for cooling the beans. It totally depends upon you. You can even use a baking sheet or a strainer to cool them. But, you must keep in mind that the beans out from the roaster will be extremely hot. So, you need to be extra careful while handling them.

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You Are Now Ready To Brew

Once the beans have cooled down, they are ready to be brewed. If you have roasted some extra beans, then you can even put them into an airtight container and store them. If you put them in an airtight container, you should not seal the lid for the first two days because, during this time, the roasted beans release the carbon dioxide. So, the chances of the container exploding will be higher. Get yourself the best and cheap coffee maker for brewing your coffee. You must use the roasted beans within five days if you want to consume them while they are still fresh. So, if you want your coffee brewed fresh and to the flavor you prefer, you should start roasting the beans yourself too. Once you start doing it, you will never go back to the old methods again because of the quality it provides.