Top Six Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2021

A sharp knife is considered a chef's friend for life. A kitchen without a set of serrated, sharp knives would be like human lives lacking electronic gadgets. Witnessing a chef rubbing double-edged metallic blades against each other at a supersonic speed is one of the captivating and exhilarating moments. It may make one's spine shiver for a second but for the chef, it is something to feel proud of.  Here is the list of top six best Japanese kitchen knives in 2021.

Although numerous companies manufacture kitchen knives for decades but Japanese kitchen knives are considered the best of all. They are not only durable but are also lightweight and sharp. It makes them perfect for dicing and chopping. 

So here are the top six best Japanese kitchen knives in 2021:

1. Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2021: Shun Cutlery Premier 8 Inch Chef's Knife

Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2021

The Shun cutlery chef's knife is one of the best kitchen tools a cooking enthusiast can have. It is handcrafted in Japan and is manufactured from the most durable corrosion-resistant material called stainless steel. The 8-inch blade gives the knife a perfect length to be used for multiple purposes for instance slicing, cutting, and chopping.  The lightweight form of the blade along with a walnut-colored PakkaWood handle makes the user experience comfortable and less tiring. 

Moreover, the knife has a sophisticated and modish style due to its tsuchime finish in combination with layered Damascus steel.  The metallic, lustrous exterior gives it a rustic look when hung in one corner. 

Although the knife is sturdy enough to be placed in a dishwasher, it is still suggested to hand wash it. The Shun cutlery 8-inch chef's knife is appreciated by the majority of customers due to its versatile and contemporary form.


  • The blade is thin and has a reduced weight.
  • The contoured walnut-colored handle makes the knife comfortable to use.
  • It has a stunning and rustic appearance.
  • The stainless steel knife is highly durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • It is versatile.


  • The thin structure of the knife makes it prone to chipping.
  • It is not suitable for cutting meat as the blade may crack and become blunt.

2. Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2021: Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife – Runner Up

Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2021

The Zelite infinity kitchen knife belongs to the alpha royal series of Santoku knives due to its special features. It is composed of top-quality Japanese steel along with 67 layered high-grade stainless steel. In addition to this, the blade is adorned with a tsuchime design pattern giving it a sophisticated and rustic look. The plating of nitrogen liquid on the metallic blade makes it resistant to corrosion and highly durable. Like the blade, the handle of this knife is also designed exquisitely. It is specifically given a round shape for proper grip and comfortable usage. The handle is triple-riveted adorned with a mosaic pattern that further enhances its strength and longevity. 

With such features, you can easily slice, chop or dice vegetables and other herbs without any hassle.


  • It is a befitting choice for ordinary kitchen tasks.
  • It is corrosion-resistant.
  • It comprises of triple-riveted handle that ensures a strong and secure grip.
  • The blade has a stunning, lustrous look.
  • It comes in boxed packaging which makes its storage easy and convenient.


  • The round, triple-riveted handle may make the knife heavy for some users.
  • The blade is a little more curved than an ordinary knife.

3. Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2021: Shun Classic Six Piece Slim Knife Block Set

Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2021

Are you looking for a set of sharp knives for your kitchen? Then Shun's classic six-piece slim knife block set should be the one. This set comprises a 3.5-inch paring knife, an 8-inch chef's knife, honing steel, and kitchen spears. All these tools are assembled in an eight-slot compact wooden block. Like every Shun article, this set of knives is also handcrafted in japan with 34 layers of stainless steel on each side of the blade. Moreover, it comprises a D-shaped handle made of Pakkawood making it sturdy and durable. The knife is not only resistant to rust but is also unaffected by moisture. 

According to customers' reviews, this set of knives cuts through every type of foodstuff without any resistance including meat. These knives should not be placed in dishwashers as they may chip off due to the heavy stress. However, it is suggested that they should be hand washed gently with the usual dishwashing soap followed by immediate drying.


  • The knife has razor-sharp and durable blades.
  • They are easy and less tiring to use.
  • The wooden block has a compact design.
  • It is resistant to corrosion and moisture


  • The knife set may be a little steep.
  • The knives are quick to rust if not taken care of properly.

4. Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2021: DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In 2021

The extraordinary design and double-edged style of the blade have made DALSTRONG Nakiri Knife an outstanding kitchen tool. Its metallic serrated blade with scalpel-like edge makes it a befitting cutting tool specifically for vegetables. The blade is coated with liquid nitrogen to increase its versatility and resistance to corrosion and moisture. Also, the blade is pretty spacious around 55mm wide. It makes the cooking easy and comfortable permitting you to scoop the chopped vegetables easily and transferring into the skillet.

  Moreover, the tsuchime finish makes the cutting smooth and prevents the sticking of food on the blade. The durability and resilience of the knife are augmented by introducing 66 layers of top-quality stainless steel. The knife comprises a well-designed handle that is robust and lasting as it is composed of military-type G-10 Garolite.


  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is highly durable and robust.
  • The broad handle makes the work fast and tireless.
  • It is well-balanced and uniformly sharp.
  • The knife has a stunning appearance due to the tsuchime finish.


  • The sharpness may be inadequate.
  • It is not versatile.

The Yoshihiro VG-10 Nakiri vegetable knife is handcrafted in Japan and comes amongst the best kitchen knives of all time. It is a double-edged knife with a sharp and flat cutting-edge. The flat structure of the knife efficiently covers the entire length of the vegetable thus slicing it smoothly at a single strike. In this manner, vegetables can be diced or chopped uniformly in desirable size and shape. 

The knife is composed of around 16 layers of stainless steel which makes it durable. The hammered surface gives the knife a stunning yet professional look. Although its blade represents Japanese craftsmanship, its handle is given a western appearance. It is made of mahogany which is smooth on the skin hence making the work convenient and comfortable. The extraordinary design of the knife with its accurate sharpness makes it suitable for preparing salads and anything involving greens.


  • The 16 layered stainless steel makes the blade lasting and strong.
  • It is resistant to corrosion and moisture.
  • The flat cutting-edge makes the slicing of the vegetables easy and fast.
  • The handle is broad and comfortable to use.


  • It lacks the blade cover.
  • The handle may be a little rough to work.

This 7-inch professional chef's knife manufactured by Kyocera is famous for its unique black-colored ceramic blade. The ceramic blade makes the knife more serrated and sharp than those consisting of blades made of stainless steel. The ceramic blade, of the Kyocera professional chef's knife, is ten times longer in length than typical steel blade knives. The blade is not only lightweight but is also resistant to acidic substances. Unlike steel blade knives, the Kyocera professional knife does not undergo corrosion or rust formation as it is composed of ceramic. 

The wide blade makes the cooking stress-free as chopped vegetables can be scooped and transferred into the skillet easily. The serrated, double-edged style of the blade makes the knife versatile as it can be used for cutting meat as well. Also, it consists of an ergonomic, well-balanced handle that is comfortable and does not exhaust the user during prolonged kitchen hours.


  • It is durable and lasting.
  • The ceramic blade is sturdy and resistant to corrosion and moisture
  • It consists of an ergonomic handle.
  • It is light weighted and has a stunning look.


  • Sharpening of the knife can be a hassle as it has to be sent to the company for free sharpening.
  • It may be a little expensive.
  • The ceramic blade may chip or fracture upon applying high pressure.

Best Japanese Kitchen Knife Buying Guide:

There is no denying the fact that handcrafted Japanese knives are one of the best kitchen tools one can have. However, certain factors should never be overlooked when buying them. They are as follows;


There is no ideal size for a kitchen knife as the size varies based on its function. However, certain factors may help you find a kitchen knife of suitable size. One of the most important factors is storage. A kitchen knife should be broad or long enough to fit in a drawer or knife block or holder. Although the size of the knife completely depends on an individual's liking Japanese knives are all lightweight. 

Design Pattern:

To a layman buying knives based on their design patterns may sound ludicrous. Well, it is one of the reasons behind their steep prices. Knives manufactured from japan are considered one of the best and lasting kitchen tools. It is because of their appropriate sharpness, durability, and unique design patterns.

Their double-edged hammered style completed with a tsuchime finish is a testament to Japanese craftsmanship. Also, their handles are usually made of softwood like mahogany that is smooth to touch and comfortable to use. Moreover, the softwood handle is layered with a heavy material to make it sturdy and lasting. 

Base Material:

The base material used to make Japanese kitchen knives are of two types. One of them is stainless steel while the other is high-grade carbon steel. The majority of Japanese knife manufacturers use carbon steel to produce top-quality kitchen tools.

 Another reason behind the prolonged durability of these knives is their metallic blade containing cobalt and tungsten. The combination of different metals makes the blade resistant to corrosion and moisture. That is why culinary artists emphasize using metallic knives that can be sharpened easily.

Market Price:

Japanese kitchen knives usually start from 30$ and the price may elevate to as high as 700$. The price of these knives depends on the materials required to make them. A steep set of Japanese knives simply means that expensive and top-quality materials are used in their manufacture. Although the design patterns may be uniform throughout the difference occurs in the quality of raw materials. So, a cheap set of knives may be less durable as it is made of low-quality constituents. 

It is often suggested to buy such products according to one's usage as a good quality knife can be an investment. 

Final Words:

An organized set of lustrous metallic blades of varying sizes enclosed in a stylish case is something about which cooking enthusiasts take great pride. Since knives are one of the necessities of a kitchen therefore it is imperative to buy them prudently. So, to ease your quandary we have concluded a precise list of top-quality Japanese kitchen knives. Shun cutlery's premier 8-inch chef's knife is considered the best of all due to its stunning and rustic design. Also, it is light weighted and resistant to corrosion and moisture hence making it highly durable. 

So make use of the above-mentioned list and buy the product you think would be suitable for you.

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