What to Serve with Lobster Tails: 8 Best Side Dishes

Whenever you think of seafood dishes, we bet a giant lobster dish always pops into your mind first. Truly, it’s the most decadent dish of all seafood that everyone loves.

Restaurant or at home, lobster dishes are always reserved for the best occasions. The succulent tails with flavorful flesh seem heavenly in the mouth. It might get hard to choose a side dish for lobster tails.

You know how you don’t want your tongue to divert its mood to another food. However, having only lobster tails can seem a little bland and boring. So, the question is what to serve with lobster tails that will enhance the taste but not erase the flavor of the lobster?

Well, we’re here for you with a lot of options! We will introduce you to some basic amazing side dishes that are not too hard to make. Also, they’ll go absolutely perfect with your lobster tails. 

1. Baked Potato

So, you’re probably busy preparing all the delicious holiday meals. You don’t have enough time to cook another dish to complement the lobster tails. What should you do? We think a great way to save your time is to make baked potato for serving with your lobster dish. It’s super easy to make.

Just wash some good small potatoes, place them on a baking tray, a little bit of seasoning, and put it on the even to bake. Simple! Isn’t it? After they are nicely baked, you’ll get a really classic dish beside the lobster tails. Spread some butter on the top so that they combine really well with the lobster’s taste.

2. Lobster Bisque

Don’t get worried to make more lobster dishes because your guests will love it! You can make delicious lobster bisque for your lobster tail main. With the juicy smooth flavor of lobster with sweet taste of the coconut milk will finely blend in your mouth.

The shallots and tomato paste will give your taste glands a hint of salad savory. Get some white wine poured down, it tastes even better! Both of the lobster dishes will combine perfectly that you’ll make them again for another vacation.

3. Steamed Clams and Mussels

Clams and mussels go perfect with lobsters. You might wonder, seafood with another seafood? Don’t worry, we guarantee you, it tastes amazing! You see, sea foods always have that subtle flavor which can complement easily with another sea food item such as steamed clams and mussels.

No, you won’t need to waste your time. It’s just a 5-minute work! You get all the shellfishes and put them in water. Pour down some white wine with shallots and herbs chopped. A small bay leaf at the end and steam all of these for 5-6 minutes. Voila! Your steamed clams and mussels are ready to serve with your lobster tails.

4. Steamed White Rice

You can never go wrong with a bowl of steamed white rice. It’s like the ultimate side dish of all food. If you’re all confused about what to serve with lobster tails, just go ahead and steam some white rice. It’s easy to cook, takes less time, and complements with every dish at the same time.

With lobster tails you don’t even have to think about the flavor! However, to make the rice savory, you can mix in some clarified butter with some leafy vegetables chopped. Everyone will go wow on your dinner, we bet!

5. Green Salad

Some green veggies with your delicious lobster tails, your dish can’t get any simpler and tasty. You can chop some vegetables and nuts really quick and have them along with the lobster. Pour some salad dressing on top, makes your dish scrumptious.

Besides, it’s a great way to give your body a balanced diet too. So, you can definitely keep a contrast dish to your lovely lobster meat.

6. Mac and Cheese

Have some mac and cheese on the side and give your taste buds a creamy touch. Now, you see, lobster tails are sweet and meaty. You can blend in the sweet taste with some rich cheese. You might wonder that mac and cheese kind of goes well as a main dish.

You won’t regret it once you’ve taken a bite with lobster tails. A perfect combination! We recommend to go for the highest quality cheese out there. Try to combine a couple of them and make it as creamy as possible. Only that way, you’ll get to taste the real Lobster tails with Mac and Cheese.

7. Steak

We know steak can not be treated as a side dish. But we tell you, once you’ve tried lobster tails with steak, you’ll thank us for sure. It’s like the perfect combination of sophistication.

Both are equally decadent and elegant. We would recommend this combo at a dinner date. Your partner and you will surely love this. 

8. Butter and Crusty Bread

One thing is for sure, butter and lobster dish is an awesome combination. The meaty sweetness with a flavorful creamy touch will make you a fan. We think simple side dishes are often underrated and that’s why we’re trying to make you familiarize with these amazing items.

You can create a butter sauce with some chopped parsley, garlic, or just a little bit of lemon juice. The tenderness of the meat and a juicy sensation on the taste bud will just wow you. Have some crusty bread on the side. Mope those juices and have the best meal ever!

Final Thoughts

You can create infinite number of side dishes to serve with your lobster tails. As you’ve seen above, these dishes don’t take too much time to prepare. They are simple to make and also delicious.

Actually, we admit, nothing can go wrong with the sweet taste of lobster tails. We hope you liked our combinations. Try them out for yourself and see if people go crazy about your dinner!